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Administration, safekeeping and custody of documents

Servicios Documentales analyzes the entire development cycle in managing your business documents and provides an organization of those documents in your offices or in our Document Processing Center.
Our team of specialists provides the management, indexing, storage, preservation and consultation of your company´s physical documents.

We computerized the documents to have a quick and organized search to facilitate the delivery at the time that your company requires it.

Outsourcing´s Reasons
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Stages of our outsourcing
Documents are sources of information with invaluable importance, so understanding your needs and considering an outsourcing we have four steps for outsourcing the administration, safekeeping and custody of your papers.

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In House implementation
This service involves the training of a staff designated by the customer and providing the necessary software to enable it for the easily view and access to the desired documents.
The training´s design and adaptation of this software are products of the analysis conducted by our professionals after interviews with the client.

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Our Clients
Know the companies and institutions that rely on SD Servicios documentales.

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