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In House Implementation

To achieve a more efficient file management, your company may have some or all of the following tasks:
Redefine, if necessary, the current lay-out for better use of available space, this involves the redesignate the physical space and redistribute shelves.
We define the type of structure and quality of shelves to use.
Organize, classify and transfer to standard boxes, the existing documentation.
We implement a computer system in your company that lets you manage your documents, allowing an in and out control of their documents.
We train your human resources according to the choosen methodology.
We have constant communication with your staff, always with the purpose of providing advice and/or audit tasks in the management of the implemented system.
If the customer does not have the necessary human resources to ensure the efficiency of the proposed plan, the In House Implementation service provides you a data entry´s team, which is in charged to computerize the documentation and after that, they gives you the appropriate reference list, leaving a documental database installed on your company´s computer, or in a temporary or permanent computer, provided by us, that allows the easy access to consult the information that you need.

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