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Continuity Operations
Servicios Documentales´s staff will maintain a fluid communication with the customer´s staff to provide follow-up purposes related to queries, submission of documents, reports and release of documents.
After the classification phase, in which the boxes have been parameter assigned, the described methodology will permit a quickly location of a specific document, obtaining with this the possibility of deliver it by different ways: Personalized delivery, Fax or E-mail. The digital way prevents the handling of original documents and significantly reduces response time to a query.
Servicios Documentales S.R.L. has available the destruction service for the documentation, which is carried out at the request of the client and with a written authorization. We have two modes:
For individual document: The requested titles are included in a database to be destroyed after printing a list of references.
For boxes´s code: The application is made by the container box´s code whose data will be incorporated into a system which will give you a list with the references.
Submission of monthly reports of the operative's own audit of the company. Updating of Information about new documents.
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