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Location and Condition of the boxes
Servicios Documentales brings the customer standard boxes to save the company documentation.
The standard size (390 x 265 x 250 mm.) Or (390 x 265 x 90 mm.) is used to optimize queries and ensure their handling without much effort.
Estimated storage in big box: 4 / 5 biblioratos or 40/50 legal size folders.

Organization and transfer
Ordering, sorting and transfer of documents to the delivered boxes.
The work done by Servicios Documentalesīs archivists will be supervised by personnel designated by it, and will be held at the premises of the company.
During this stage, back-up sheets containing the protected information, will be given to the customer.

Coding and classification of boxes
This phase consists on loading into the computer system of all what was relieved, in order to keep up-dated all the documentary information of the institution.
Generates new labels on the boxes, which have a bar code which has the customer information and the physical location of the box. There is also an alphanumeric code, and using this methodology allows a quick location of the box.
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